Printable Poster for Zika Travel Awareness

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A doctor in the family reached out to ask if I could put together some kind of printable poster for Zika travel awareness—something printable for her office to spread the word about the mosquito-borne Zika virus and the threat it poses to babies of infected mothers.

Apparently the CDC has distributed a printable poster for general audiences about avoiding mosquitoes when traveling, but there wasn’t something available that targeted women who are or may become pregnant.

So I put together the image below. Health care providers, community organizers, anybody, anywhere, please feel free to use/print/distribute these any way you see fit.

Arbovirus zika travel warning pregnant women pregnancy poster printable warning

If you’d like another version, or you can provide translations, please reach out via my contact form.

If you get the chance to send them, I’d love to see your photos or screencaps of how you put this to use. No matter what, thank you, and best of luck. Let’s get the word out.

Silhouette of pregnant woman licensed from szefei via PhotoDune
Earth globe icon licensed from macrovector via GraphicRiver

Background Check your Doctor review aggregator software download dr norma c. salceda md

Background Check Your Doctor: Try This Health Care Provider Review Aggregator

Background Check your Doctor review aggregator software download dr norma c. salceda md

I wrote a suite of scripts to help you background check your doctor.

The Primary Care Provider Investigator imports a list of health care providers and then scrapes multiple review sites (e.g. Yelp, UCompareHealthCare) to aggregate their reviews: PCPInvestigator.

This project was born of frustration with my health insurer’s “search for a doctor” function, which listed the doctors my insurance covered but didn’t give me any sense of whether a doctor was any good.

Now I have a database of doctors and a snapshot of their reviews across multiple sites, plus a local webpage that displays the results and lets me sort by the categories I care about. (Click any image to view full-size.)

PCP Investigator report doctor reviews ratings

Y’see, doctor reviews became important to me when I visited Dr. Norma C. Salceda back in 2009 and had such a bad experience that I complained to my insurer (then Blue Shield) and was told just go find another doctor.

If I’d had the PCPInvestigator at the time, I would have been able to see this before I ever made an appointment:

Norma C. Salceda MD Dr reviews ratings snapshot

That’s 38% positive reviews for Dr. Norma C. Salceda with over 150 reviews to examine. That’s bad.

In the summary report, I would have seen such quotables as “WORST experience that I’ve ever had with a doctor,” “worst medical experience I’ve ever had,” and “LADIES BEWARE SHE IS AN ANIMAL!!!”:

Norma C. Salceda MD Dr reviews ratings snapshot

Sure, any doctor can have dissatisfied patients and a few complaints, but the intensity and the sheer number here is pretty special.

If you want to try the PCPInvestigator out yourself, it’s on github. You’ll have to be comfortable with the command line, and it’s useful to have some familiarity with python and mongoDB. You may also have to massage the doctors’ information input parsing to get it to match whatever list you can get from your health insurer. There’s more detail in the README. And you should know…


  • Web scraping violates Google ToS. Irresponsible use may result in your IP getting blocked.
  • Pymongo cursor has been set to have no timeout (due to long intervals between scrapes.) Proceed w/ caution.


  • Health care review website formats change without notice.
  • Searches by doctor name and so may suffer false positives (i.e. include reviews for other doctors of the same name) or false negatives (i.e. omit some available reviews)
  • Disparities between your input file and the expected input format may require elbow grease to resolve.
  • Script developed on OSX. Installation/execution not tested on any other system.

Even with these issues, if you want to find the best, closest primary care provider covered by your insurance, this is the only way I’ve found.

Hope this helps. Enjoy!

Dead Week by Tory Hoke

Dead Week (Remastered)

Back and now mobile-friendly for your Halloween enjoyment! Evil is at the door.

DEAD WEEK (Remastered): the week before final exams, college roommates face a horror they may not survive.

“Dead Week” is an interactive horror webtoon with audio, playable in English or Korean. Headphones and a modern browser on a desktop computer are recommended for the best experience.


Twine is a platform for making interactive fiction—stories integrated with choice, picture, and sound. If you like IF, you might be interested in sub-Q Magazine.

submit to sub-Q Magazine

Submit to sub-Q Magazine

submit to sub-Q Magazine

Hey! So I founded sub-Q, a magazine for interactive fiction. It pays pro rates. It needs submissions. It needs them REAL BAD.

Have you dabbled in Twine? Played with Inform? Messed around with hypertext fiction or CYOA?

Then sub-Q needs you.

What is sub-Q?

This 90-second video demonstrates how we work:

Our Mission

We seek to promote all forms of interactive fiction by

  1. Increasing the visibility of IF
  2. Growing the market for short- and long-form works
  3. Supporting the development of open platforms
  4. Compensating content creators

We encourage work from creators of color, creators from the QUILTBAG community, and creators with disabilities. Intersectionality welcome. Internationality welcome.

Our Content

We release a work of interactive fiction every Tuesday. We publish original and reprint works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird tales, magic realism, and mash-ups.

Most Thursdays we publish interviews, news, and tutorials.

We want smart, fun, and unexpected.


Interested? Go to our submissions page go there now go there right now!



today is the day


Meddling Auntie presents Puberty

“Meddling Auntie” on!

Check out “Meddling Auntie” on!

Thanks to for the interview and Kristine Chester, as always, for her kind support.

Meddling Auntie presents Puberty

Read more “Meddling Auntie” at, purchase as eBook or trade paperback at Amazon, or purchase as a comic at IndyPlanet.


B is for Broken Cover Reveal

It’s here! Earlier this year I worked with Rhonda Parrish on the cover and interior illustrations of her new alphabet anthology B is for Broken, to be released May 26. And now the art is out of the bag!


Working with Rhonda was a treat. Thanks to Alexis A. Hunter for the tip! It’s a double honor to grace the cover of one of Alexis’s stories.

Here’s the original art. I’m pretty psyched with how it turned out. Still learning, but psyched.


I’ll post some process images later this week. If you like process, you’re gonna LOVE THESE IMAGES.

Meddling Auntie presents Puberty

Meddling Auntie Comics: New Release Plus Giveaway!

Meddling Auntie Comics are now on Amazon as eBooks! The series includes a brand new, harsh-truth-soothing, squirm-inducing topic: Puberty.

Meddling Auntie presents Puberty

The comics will and should always remain free and open. However people have asked for other ways to read and share them, and I aim to deliver.

Next week they’ll be available for print at Amazon CreateSpace. Follow this blog or follow me on Twitter for a chance to win both print volumes: “Bullies and Perverts” and “Puberty and Drugs.”

Be the first to hear when new subjects are released! Join Meddling Auntie’s Newsletter:


Nina Paley Sita Sings the Blues

3 Animators That Will Explode Your Brain

You work hard. You show kindness. You pay your taxes. You just remembered you have to pay your taxes. You deserve to meet three animators that will explode your brain. There are no fluffy 3D clouds or meet-cute plots here. But there are unforgettable images and squealing rapture.

Time Consumption Advisory: these artists’ work is often short but extremely addictive, and you may find yourself unable to do the thing you were supposed to do today.

1. Nina Paley

Wikipedia | Website | Twitter

Nina Paley Sita Sings the Blues

A cartoonist, animator, writer, and free culture (“Copying is Not Theft”) activist, Nina Paley is prolific, innovative, and engaging.

When Nina’s gorgeous, hilarious, wrenching magnum opus SITA SINGS THE BLUES reached NetFlix, I watched it. Enjoyed it. The next night, came home to find my roommate had just started it. Thought, “I’ll just sit and watch this part.” Watched the whole thing over again. It’s that good.

Nina Paley Seder Masochism

Origin story

In 1991, at age 23, Nina was already producing work this good (for Grateful Dead Comix):

Nina Paley Casey Jones

Secret superpowers

Adobe Flash, animating with embroidery, embracing technology, resisting authority

Viewing rabbit hole starts here

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

2. Felix Colgrave

Website | Twitter


Distinctive, playful, unsettling, Felix Colgrave’s work is so good it makes me angry. Every time he puts out a new short, I watch it three times in a row. Can’t help it.

He has the skill, the portfolio, and the beard-growing prowess of a man twice his age. He’s 22 right now and I can’t handle that information at all.

Felix Colgrave Fever the Ghost

Origin story

Originally from the Tasmanian Northwest, currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia, Felix produces steady freelance work, including a music video for Fever the Ghost and a short for Comedy Central’s Triptank (NSFWish). He is also pretty great at life drawing.

Secret superpowers

Adobe Flash, comic contrast, comic timing, making Melbourne as cool as Adelaide

Viewing rabbit hole starts here

3. Cyriak

Wikipedia | Website | Twitter

Cyriak Harris cat

Cyriak Harris’s appetite-suppressing, electronica-backed flights of fancy are as fun as they are disturbing. There is no creature so innocuous that he can’t turn it into a hypnotic dancing spider-beast.

Cyriak Cows

Origin story

Breakout star of British media site B3ta, Cyriak answers the cries of a hungry public with music videos, Adult Swim bumpers, and assorted original shorts.

Secret superpowers

After Effects, music composition, patience for render times

Viewing rabbit hole starts here

Enjoy, and don’t forget your taxes.